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My name is Diane Carozza and I am health and fitness specialist. I am a certified Fitness Practitioner (AFP), personal trainer by the American council on exercises (ACE), and certified group and personal trainer certified by the Athletics and fitness association of America (AFAA).
Health education and physical fitness training have always been my interest. I graduated from Elmira College with a bachelor's degree in science with a major in nursing (BSN), and I am certified as a Respiratory Therapist by the education department of the University of the state of New York.
As a certified posture and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist, I work with physical therapists and sports medicine professionals training patients with special needs. I am also a specialist certified by Rock Steady Boxing organization as, to train patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.
To provide my community and the surrounding areas with the most scientific and medically sound fitness training, I started my own studio located in Elmira Heights providing different fitness classes to suit all fitness level and for all ages. Whatever your fitness level is, in my studio, you will always find a training program to help you reach your fitness goals.
As a Rock Steady Boxing affiliate, I provide fitness training programs to help people with Parkinson to cope with living with the disease, and provide them a comfortable non-intimidating place to work out and socialize with other patients.  
To provide the highest quality service to my clients, I continue my physical fitness education by attending seminars about the latest developments in the fitness science and health fields, and going through the certification process for new health and fitness techniques to keep myself always up-to-date as a health and fitness specialist.
I look forward to walking with you and supporting you along the way to achieve your health and fitness goals.
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